What To Look For In Hiring A Work Injury Lawyer in Greater Lowell Ma.


Hiring a Workers Compensation Lawyer in The Greater Lowell Area

For individuals that have incurred a serious work-related injury, it is highly recommended to hire a lawyer to handle your worker’s compensation claim. The law and the legal process are sufficiently complex and specialized that hiring an attorney with specific experience in this area is generally a wise move. Financially, the risk is minimal as in many cases a majority of the legal fee and expenses may be paid by the insurance company.

Hiring the right attorney can be a challenge for first timers. Many law firms will state that they handle such matters but distinguishing those that have a lot of experience, versus those that say they do is always the key. Here are a few considerations in finding the right lawyer for your work injury case.

Look for a no-obligation, initial consultation with the specific lawyer that will be handling your case. Most workers’ compensation lawyers offer a free initial consultation. Some questions you should ask:

  1. How long have you been handling workers compensation claims?
  2. What percentage of your practice is allocated to workers     compensation?
  3. Will the lawyer represent you in all phases of the legal process?
  4. Are reviews from past clients available?
  5. When I contact your office regarding the case who will I deal with?
  6. Can you give a brief summary of what I should expect and how long it may take?
  7. Do you arrange for medical consultations?
  8. Are you able to give me an honest assessment as to the strengths and weaknesses of my claim?

A conversation with your prospective attorney will give you a good idea as to their professionalism and how well the two of you communicate. It is also a good idea to meet others in the law office that may be contacts while your case proceeds through the courts. Do they seem to be people you can rely on?

The bottom line is you want to select a workers compensation attorney in the Lowell area that you have confidence in and one who will give your case the work and attention that it deserves. Please give our office a call (978-654-6670), email: jyounglaw@comcast.net or visit our website today: www.lowellmainjurylawyer.com