Teenagers Leading category of Traffic Fatalities In Lowell, Mass.

The latest statistics from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is an eye opener. Automobile crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers nationwide and in Massachusetts. The statistics show that new drivers are four times more likely to be killed and fourteen times more likely to be injured than any other demographic. Teens are also twice as likely to kill a passenger in their car.

The main causes of car crashes were speed and inexperience. Distracted driving including texting, phone usage and distraction from passengers, often play a role. Alcohol, failure to wear a seat belt, and emotional distractions are additional factors.

Proper auto driver’s training reinforced by parental supervision are keys to educating and ensuring responsibility amongst teenage drivers in Lowell and surrounding communities. If you are in an auto accident, contact a Lowell area personal injury lawyer to ensure that you are aware of all laws and proper insurance guidelines. It is always best to speak to an attorney that specializes in auto accident cases prior to talking to an insurance company adjuster or lawyer.

Auto Accident Law Lowell Massachusetts 2015

The goal of this blog is to provide specific information relating to auto accidents and motor vehicle accidents and injuries specific to the Lowell Massachusetts area. The general public is typically unaware as to their rights under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts laws as they relate to vehicular laws and injuries. As a practicing lawyer in Lowell Ma., I have a familiarity with the laws, legal system and the insurance companies involved in most vehicular accident and liability cases. By specializing in the accident and personal injury area of law, I am able to best represent my clients in their dealings with the legal system and insurance adjusters. For additional information please visit my website: www.lowellmainjurylawyer.com.

Attorney Jeffrey A. Young